JOMAMAZ in a nutshell: watch this interview with Dubai based magazine Her Paper

Short clip in Arabic with Aramram:

What is JOMAMAZ?

JOMAMAZ was created by the admin “Rula” as a closed Facebook group in 2011 with a small network of her mommy friends to arrange play dates and exchange notes.

Long story short, today JOMAMAZ is an extremely interactive and resourceful online community of mothers in Jordan and abroad with common interests (essentially parenting).It is very well monitored and managed.

There are now over 21.5k members on the group who are accepted by careful evaluation. We work with companies advising them and allowing them access to deliver their messages to our community whereby mothers also benefit from promotions, offers, product launches, up-to-date information on events, camps, schools, activities and more.

University professor uses JOMAMAZ as an example of a successful online community!

This is all thanks to the JOMAMAZ members for always being online and supporting each other! ❤️
While being interviewed at Her Paper magazine in Dubai, we met a lovely intern Alia, who is a graduate of the American University of Dubai. She made our day when she informed us that she learned about JOMAMAZ in a case study in University as an example of a “successful online community”.

Listen to what she had to say!

Interview on FANN FM Radio (Arabic)
What an honor it was to be a guest on Radio Fann-Jordan راديو فن- الاردن with the lovely Kholoud in the Sabaho show.

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